BENTH W mini projector

for accent lighting

BENTH W mini projector 
for accent lighting

BENTH W: directional LED spotlight


Wall-mounted declination of one of the most popular products in the STRAL collection.

It is a very versatile LED directional spotlight because of its functionality, durability and small size.

The possibility of orientation makes it extremely versatile. The miniaturization of the body makes it one of the most transversal wall-mounted directional spotlights, ideal for lighting outdoor environments, but also for SPA lighting with the presence of humidity. Its body is totally made of AISI 316L stainless steel, and the adjustable head is totally machined from solid steel bar.

Accent lighting


The possibility of application on different surfaces makes BENTH W perfect as an accent light.

A directional LED spotlight with four light sources with 20° or 45° optics in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K color temperature. The power supply is remote.

The body and head are the same height to maintain a harmonious proportion, and the head is fixed asymmetrically on the body. The angle regulation is hidden to have no visible screws and maintain a clean line.

Accent lighting captures attention to a particular object or architectural detail, is used to provide specific lighting for areas where precise activities take place or to highlight definite objects. This is because accent lighting has three times the light intensity of diffuse lighting, which is used for general ambient lighting.

Using directional outdoor floodlights


Directional wall-mounted outdoor spotlights are recommended for creating a focal point as they allow the light beam to be focused and directed by bringing it closer to or farther away from the surface of interest. A bright light adds charm and style to a space.

BENTH W depending on the degrees of head inclination and available optics - 20° for more intense lighting and 40° for more diffuse lighting - creates different lighting scenarios.

Light oriented from the front generates pronounced shaping. Light from above creates a shadow of the object on itself. Light from behind traces the shape of the object. The more vertical the incidence of light, the greater the shadow effect.

When to use accent light


By choosing to use directional spotlights to recreate accent lighting, we decide to place great emphasis on the aesthetic aspect.

However, it is not always an object that is emphasized; sometimes, especially in outdoor spaces, it can highlight a particular context or suggest an action to be performed in the space under lighting.

BENTH W, among the directional spotlights, is particularly suitable for illuminating architectural details outdoors, such as entrances, or, because of its application transversality and head orientation angle, for creating lighting effects. It is also suitable for enriching details on walls or ceilings. In indoor environments, being a totally stainless steel fixture, it can be installed in particularly humid situations for SPA lighting and lighting of wellness areas by giving the person the ability to find possible obstacles or areas with a risk of slipping.


Design Alessandro Zambelli