Product care

The following tips provide advice on how to effectively clean the stainless steel surfaces of our products

Stainless steels are naturally corrosion-resistant materials. Some routine maintenance and cleaning is required to keep product surfaces in good condition, so that appearance and corrosion resistance are not compromised.

It is important to clean appliances as often as windows and glass panes are cleaned. Depending on the amount of dirt deposited, routine cleaning is recommended every 6-12 months for light dirt and every 3-6 months for heavier dirt.

All our lamps can be washed or sprayed with water, after cleaning and drying with a cloth. This is because the special surface treatment allows dirt and impurities not to settle on the surfaces and therefore the use of water is sufficient for cleaning. For areas covered by roofs or porches, which are therefore never exposed to rainwater, we recommend more frequent cleaning.

What NOT to do

We recommend to not use brushes with metal bristles and steel straws. We strongly recommend against the use of solvents, chemical detergents, aggressive or alcohol-based products because the protective surface treatment would be affected by them, leaving the surface stained or haloed.

HCT finishing maintenance tips

The products are shipped packaged in a dedicated pouch that protects the surface and preserves the quality. The pouch can also be used to clean the lamp by wiping it vigorously over the surfaces or by wetting it with water.