We bring light
to outdoor
spaces using
stainless steel

Designed in nature

For years, our goal has been to produce outdoor lighting fixtures using only stainless steel, a material that, because of its qualities, allows us to enter all natural contexts, even the most unfavorable ones. Our products draw inspiration from the rhythm and rules of Nature. While apparently in antithesis, Inox and Nature, are combined in a game of contrasts aimed at continuous dialogue between formal rationality and expressive freedom finding in STRAL a perfect balance.

Modular design

The geometries and shapes are conceived to be declined in a transversal way, increasing the spectrum of solutions. One of the focal points of the collection is to optimize the proposals by covering every application need. The same bollard can accommodate 5 different heads for different functional and aesthetic needs. A pole-mounted system with customizable holes can be set up with several luminaires. All to satisfy the freedom and fantasy of design.

Being part of Palazzoli Group, leader for more than 100 years in the production of electrical material, allows us to respect high quality standards.

HCT finishing and new technologies

The HCT (Hard Coating Treatment) finish in three different colors: Inox Natural, Inox Graphite, Inox Bronze, guarantees a unique texture and high surface resistance to corrosion and atmospheric agents and makes the product anti-fingerprint and anti-stain. On a technical level, the main innovation lies in the design approach that aims to enhance the purity of geometries.

The composition of the bodies takes place through transformation from sheet, with centesimal precision welding thanks to the use of latest generation 3D laser technologies.