win the
Red Dot Design
Award 2022

"In search of good design and innovation", this is the motto that the 48 international members of the Red Dot Award jury applied to evaluate and reward the products entered for the award of 2022.

The Red Dot - Product Design dates to the 1950s and, each year, looks for exceptional design achievements and product innovations.

With the Red Dot, products receive a mark of quality recognized by consumers as well as industry experts and is associated with good design worldwide.

STRAL, with its first participation is proud to have won, on both the two products registered, positioning itself next to well-known and affirmed brands.

Getting this award is just the beginning of a long journey, a first important acknowledgment in the process of innovation and improvement that for over a year and a half sees all committed with passion.

We are proud to now present a range beyond the limits of technology and time.

We have overcome the geometric obstacles of a noble material such as stainless steel, adding innovative surface finishes that have added color, without compromising quality and resistance over time.

"Time that our Art Director - Alessandro Zambelli - has fixed with lines that are free from the trends of the moment and typical of a Stral's Style" said Andrea Moretti - CEO of Palazzoli - of which STRAL is part.


BENTH and LOCH have been awarded in the product design category in the 2022 edition in the lighting sector.

"The lines of these two products were born from research into the stainless-steel production chain. Focusing on the transformation of the semi-finished product seemed to be the focal point for the development of the new collection. The production techniques adopted are an example of the most advanced techniques that can be used today. The pure and rigorous shapes, as well as the finishes, therefore, want to emphasize the degree of experimentation adopted for the new STRAL positioning."

said Alessandro Zambelli, who with STRAL has accepted the challenge of modeling a valuable but not easy material like stainless steel.

BENTH LED floodlight by STRAL

BENTH is a floor LED floodlight entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel, a material that guarantees the LED lamp strength, lightness, and flexibility.

Recognizable for its essential and modern aesthetics, it mixes formal rigor and precious elegance in the lines.
The floor LED floodlight BENTH is adaptable and thin, its light is oriented to be projected on surfaces, shrubs, flowerpots and plants, its body camouflages itself in the environment creating together a unique and poetic atmosphere.

The miniaturization of the light source is a focal point of the project. It can be easily installed on the ground using a steel spike, making its use very versatile.

LOCH wall LED luminaire by STRAL

LOCH is a LED wall lamp sinuous and compact, designed to illuminate the surfaces of the walls and at the same time dress up with their material.

The poetics are inspired by contemporary architecture. Plastic forms worked and shaped in the details highlight the structure with expressive force.

The volumes are accentuated and robust, so that shape and materials dialogue with the space merging with the surrounding architectural language.

The main innovation lies in the design approach that intends to enhance the pureness of geometries.