Steel district

To work steel during the whole production process – cutting, drilling, filing, welding, assembly – the steel must never enter in contact with other metals; otherwise these materials could combine with the steel, which would lose its characteristics.
If, for example, a blade used to cut iron is then used to cut steel, the particles of iron fix themselves with heat in the steel, and in that point the corrosion process begins. A micro hole is enough to create an infiltration.
For these reasons, Stral’s roots in Palazzoli S.p.a., in the Brescia district, internationally famous for its metal-working tradition for over two-thousand years, is more than a guarantee.
From the fusion of the scrap metal to the semi-finished product to the finished one, the greatest companies in the world , covering the whole process, and the best artisans, are all here in Brescia, in the Trompia and Camonica Valleys, where the Etruscans discovered two important iron fields, in Bovegno and Collio, inaugurating a tradition which continues to this day.

  • Brescia district
  • Position: Brescia valleys
  • Specialisation: metallurgy and metalworking
  • Number of cities: 49
  • Area surface: 800
  • Population: 300.000
  • Number of companies: 21.000
  • Percentage of export: over 50%