Research & Development

For over 100 years Palazzoli Spa successfully competes in the World, with multinational corporations, because it aims at develop solutions able to satisfy every customer’s need (professional and consumer).
Today the light has to be shaped, directed, coloured according to the requirements of liveability, retail, marketing, museum, emotional etc. Furthermore, the new LED sources allow the design of more miniaturized products.
Only a R&D supported by adequate studies, experience and organization can reach the market on time with the right solution.
Economies of scale’ surplus value
Palazzoli works in the lighting sector with different specific products for environment where, the quality and the reliability required by regulations, are crucial, like in the tunnel lighting sector.
These innovative technologies are used in every typology of STRAL’s lighting product.
Total Test quality system
The whole production cycle is made in Italy and this allows to follow the entire test cycle that happen directly inside the company’s laboratory with the Total Test.

The photometric data are tested directly in the factory. The Palazzoli-Stral laboratory is equipped with adequate equipment including the rotating mirror gonio-photometer equipped with a spectrum-radiometer for measuring the quality of light (CCT, CRI and color coordinates).

With the climate corrosion tests, trials are executed with salt spray, providing the best laboratory simulation of natural corrosion.
It simulates the exposure to the most diverse climatic conditions and aggressive atmospheric agents.
It checks the degree of protection against the intrusion of solid and liquid bodies.
Using this new machine it is possible to simulate various levels of impact on the lamps, guaranteeing their resistance.