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CAPRI is a new range of square shaped outdoor lighting systems, which completes the current offer of Stral, the newborn Italian brand of the historic Palazzoli Group.

CAPRI implements the new LED technology and is available for ceiling mounted, wall mounted and on bollard installation, in different colors on request. The CAPRI range includes also the parallelepiped version, the CAPRI L, available for wall mounted installation in the mono-emission and bi-emission version.

Capri, like all Stral's luminaires, is resistant to rust and corrosion because it is realized in AISI 316L stainless steel (marine grade), the ideal material for installation in environments with extreme weather conditions, marine and explosive.

The electropolishing process, that Stral realizes, increases the resistance of this material. Stral can guarantee all functional and safety requirements, thanks to the experience of Palazzoli, a company that has been present on the lighting market from over a century.

With the introduction of CAPRI, Stral's selection can truly satisfy every kind of request in the field of the outdoor lighting, from the pole to the recessed lighting fitting, with a increasingly rich and specialized catalogue allowing style coherence, uniformity and performance durability, achieving any effect you desire.

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