Ottagono, light sculptures

"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary"

Shaping light to transform any environment into an extraordinary means of visual communication. From the electrotechnical and steel working experience of Stral -Palazzoli Group- we present OTTAGONO, a wall, in-ground and ceiling recessed LED lighting system for outdoor use, extraordinary fusion of STRAL's AISI 316L Stainless Steel with the inventive design of Isao Hosoe's Studio.

OTTAGONO indeed is not only perfectly resistant to atmospheric corrosion, like all of STRAL's products, but it offers also lighting solutions that range from the most traditional to the most original. With a simple and ingenious system of interchangeable filters it sculpts the shadows to create meaning. Ideal to share information - an itinerary, a place, an advertisement, whatever the need may be - in any case it offers luminous effects of great beauty. OTTAGONO proposes a new illumination concept: displayed in squares, gardens, parks, city roads, private residences, event venues, in town or at the beach, anywhere, it transforms any space into a place of experience. And the intelligent elegance of OTTAGONO also makes it excellent for indoor use.

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